Kelly’s Boudoir Shoot

When Kelly first asked me to do the makeup for her boudoir shoot, she said she was nervous, but wanted to give her “husband-to-be” a special gift the morning of their wedding, so was prepared to put her big girl pants on, and pose for the camera.

Now, this is a strong young woman who lets absolutely nothing stand in her way. Most people would agree she is the most selfless, most passionate, most feisty and determined young ladies you’ll have the pleasure of meeting. Once she’s made up her mind about something. Nothing will stop her!

This wasn’t just a gift she was giving him. It was a moment. A memory. She was giving him just another reason to fall in love with her. A beautiful, confident and brave young woman. It was a reminder of what would be waiting for him on the other side of the isle.

As they were about to make a lifelong promise to one another, she wanted to show her husband in that moment, through beautiful photos, that she was committing herself to him. She was letting all her guards down to show her natural beauty. Her vulnerableness. Her true self. It wasn’t just a gift, it was so much more.

I absolutely loved being the makeup artist for this shoot. From the giggles to the champagne it was a special moment to be apart of. And yes, it’s safe to say Kelly’s now ‘husband’ was blown away by her photos. Some would even say speechless.

Take a look at some of the stunning photos from this shoot and remember, some girls are just born with glitter in their veins. Kelly, you are every bit of that girl!

Amazing photos by the very talented Hayley Clift - Photography

With Love

Johannesburg Makeup Artist