Toni’s Maternity Shoot

I was deeply honoured when Toni asked me to do the makeup for her maternity shoot. To be a part of creating some of the memories she would treasure forever - a subtle reminder that happiness was on the way, in the form of a beautiful little baby boy.

Similar to a lot of moms out there, Toni hasn’t had a particularly easy pregnancy from morning sickness, to heartburn, but has embraced every moment with the greatest of admiration. Never doing anything by half, this is a lady who can be very proud of many things she has achieved in life, but I can assure you nothing makes her prouder than being a mom (already a great one at that might I add) and the love she has for her family.

Creating a family is one of the best things you could ever wish for. It isn’t defined by the last name or by the blood that runs through your veins. It’s defined by the commitment you bear, the sacrifice you make and the love you provide. It means showing up when you’re needed most. It means loving unconditionally and being loved in return, with no hidden agenda. It means never giving up on each other and most importantly it means protecting each other forever and for always no matter what. Together, this makes the perfect family.

With just a matter of weeks to go, and a grand adventure about to begin – I want to say a few words written just for you. May your family be the perfect family, and may the laughter in your home always make you warm because when you love what you have, you have everything you need.

Huge credit goes to the brilliant lady behind the camera Hayley Clift - Photography

With love

Johannesburg Makeup Artist